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Steal this Idea! - Video

Last month, DD and the LRC brought together a few of Toronto's key prominent figures to present three bold ideas for civic change from other cities that could work well here in Toronto – each one a “world-class” idea worth stealing related to social justice, sustainability or culture. Continue reading ...

The Public has Spoken: Toronto Residents Reference Panel Provides a Proposal on Income Inequality

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Economic disparity continues to be a growing trend, and The Three Cities Within Toronto report from the University of Toronto, written with J. David Hulchanski, found that from 1975 to 2005, Toronto has had a significant increase in low-income households and a rapidly disappearing middle-class. This is affecting how and where Torontonians live, as well as creating long-term consequences on health, prosperity and the city’s sense of social cohesion.
What can be done to end this trend and ultimately decrease the economic gap?
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