Diaspora Dialogues produces approximately twenty events each year in Toronto, often partnering with established organizations and festivals such as the Toronto Public Library, The Word On The Street, Luminato, Doors Open Toronto, Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Keep Toronto Reading, and others. These events mix readings of poetry and fiction with spoken word performances, play readings, and sometimes music, dance or multimedia. They feature writers and artists from different communities, disciplines, and stages in their careers, and they take place in neighbourhoods all over the city.

What people are saying about our events

I just wanted to write to thank you for organizing the “Journeys to the City” program at Union Station. I was between trains on Saturday morning and was so pleasantly surprised to encounter the play reading of The Enormous Radio. I then waited for “Cheek to Cheek.” I wish I could have stayed there all day . . . I was fascinated at the way you were able to use the space to your advantage, even with all the train announcements and baffled bystanders, as well as the other countless distractions. Congratulations on such an innovative program, and thank you for all the effort and time that you put into it. I will never forget the sight of a WWII soldier and his girl saying goodbye at Union Station.
Audience member

Having been a novice in attendance, I had no clue what to expect . . . The MAD Poet’s spoken word especially struck me. I’m shy to admit it, but hearing her made me misty eyed. Before that moment, I never understood poetry readings. The idea triggered images of people dressed in black turtlenecks sitting in darkened rooms, snapping their fingers. The Diaspora Dialogues event did not exude any of this imagined artsy fartsy pretension. Instead, it was touching and sincere . . . After that one night, I was hooked. KTR [Keep Toronto Reading] changed the game for me. It brought me out of my shell. Afterwards, I attended it all—arts festivals, readings, workshops, and panel discussions. If an event sounded interesting, I attended and always had a good time.
Mia Herrera