Born in the Parish of Clarendon, Elle Trema moved and grew up in Kingston, Jamaica where her musical talents began with the inspiration of famous reggae artist, Louie Culture.

Trema moved to Canada and continued her musical passion. She was the President / Youth Coordinator of Rowntree Arts Society (an organization working with children and the elderly).

Trema soon became the CEO of Anit Zen Production and has also done production for works such as How Can I Achieve It, Chance For Life, and Rum Bar. Naming a few events, she has performed at Jamaica Day in Toronto and Montreal, JamDay in Ottawa, and Rastafest in Toronto.

Trema has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with well-known reggae musicians including Ghost and Pinchers. Her current hit single, "Breath of Life," can be purchased on iTunes. Her music has been played on radio stations such as CHRY, CFRE, and CIUT.