I was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1952. I have published short stories, plays, and radio plays, and was the editor of several literary magazines. My poetry, essays, and reviews have appeared in all of the prominent journals of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia, as well as prestigious publications such as The Times Literary Supplement, The Paris Review, and Salmagundi.

After the Bosnian war of 1992-95, I immigrated to Canada in 1996 under the auspices of PEN Canada, and remain an active PEN member. In 1993 I initiated and was co-founder of PEN Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 1996, I was a Senior Resident of Massey College, University of Toronto; in 2000, I was Writer-in-Exile at the Banff Centre for the Arts; and in 2006, I was Writer-in-Residence at the University of Guelph. My poetry has been translated into more then 12 languages, and was included in several world anthologies, such as Scanning the Century (Penguin, 2000) and Banned Poetry (Index of Censorship, 1997), and in numerous anthologies in Canada and the former Yugoslavia. I have been awarded several times for poetry books in former Yugoslavia and Bosnia, the Helman-Hammet award/PEN USA Freedom to Write award (1994), and the People’s Award, Canada (2006), as well as numerous literary prizes for work in puppet theatres. I live and work in Edmonton, Sarajevo, and Toronto.

  • When you die as a cat, selected poems, ARC Publications, London, UK, 2011
  • When you die as a cat, selected poems, Estonia, translated by Katlen Kaldmaa,2011
  • Anthology of Canadian Stories (Editor and translator with Višnja Brčić) Sarajevo, BiH: Buybook, 2011
  • U potrazi za Titom (Short Stories), Dobra Knjiga, Sarajevo, 2011
  • Lutkodrom, (selected plays for puppets), Maunagić Do. Sarajevo, 2011
  • The Sunrise in the yes of the Snowman, poetry, Windsor: Biblioasis, Canada,2010
  • My happy days in the madhouse, Bosanska knjiga, Sarajevo, BiH, 2010
  • Immigrant Sorrow/Penas del Inmigrante. Translation by Veronica Garza Flores. Toronto: LyricalMyrical Press, 2008
  • From Sarajevo with Sorrow. Translation by Amela Simić. Windsor: Biblioasis, 2005
  • Immigrant Blues. Toronto: Brick, 2003
  • The Book of Wandering. Belgrade: RAD, 2002
  • Alledaagse Adam/Everyday Adam. Translation by Rada Gavrilović. Amsterdam: Atlas, 1999
  • Peace and War (with Fraser Sutherland). Toronto: Privately Published, 1998 Sprinting from the Graveyard. English version by David Harsent. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997
  • Sorrow of Sarajevo. English version by David Harsent. London , Cargo, 1996
  • Maštovanka (Fantasy Book). Sarajevo: Svjetlost, 1989
  • Korak u Mrak (A Step into the Dark). Sarajevo: Svjetlost, 1987
  • Pjesme o Strahu (Selected Poems). : Sarajevo: Svjetlost, 1985
  • Mandragora. Sarajevo: V.Maslesa, 1982
  • Vertigo. Sarajevo: V.Maslesa, 1977
  • Tačka do kruga ili put (A Period Next to a Circle, or a Journey). Svjetlost, 1976
  • Looking for Tito. (Short Stories), Frog Hollow Press, Canada 2010
  • Anthology of Canadian Poetry (Editor and translator with Visnja Brcic) Sarajevo: BiH: Buybook, 2008
  • Yesterday’s People. (Short Stories). Windsor: Biblioasis, 2005
  • Tri lutkarske igre (Three Plays for Puppets). Sarajevo, BiH: ZPPBiH, 1998
  • Three New Plays for Puppets. Sarajevo, BiH: Zonex, 1997
  • Marchen uber Sarajev (A Fairy tale about Sarajevo). Freiburg, Germany: Roentgen S, 1995
Theatrical Work
  • The Taxi Project, PEN Canada, J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing, Canada, 2010
  • Differences in Demolition. (opera libretto) Opera Circus, UK,2007. The opera, with music by Nigel Osborne, was produced and performed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Scotland, Austria and England.
  • A Ballad of Baggage (with Fraser Sutherland, Aleksandar Bukvic, and Berge Arabian). (Mixed-media show with poetry, video, slides, and tape) Toronto: Michelangelo Gallery, 2000, and Hart House
  • Wind in Uniform. Performed in Toronto and San Francisco in 1999- 2000.
  • London under Siege (Opera libretto). The opera, with music by David Wilde, was produced and performed at the National Theatre Hannover, Germany, 1999.
  • Opera Europe. (Opera libretto) The opera, with music by Nigel Osborne, was produced and performed at the National Theatre, Sarajevo, 1995.
Puppet Plays
  • Legenda o Dunjaluku (Legend of Dunjaluk). Studio Lutkarstva, Sarajevo, 2007.
  • Bajka o Sarajevu (A Fairy tale about Sarajevo) Pozorište Mladih, Sarajevo, 1995.
  • Gdje je zima (Where is Winter?) Produced in various theatre in Sarajevo and Mostar, 1988, 1989, 1996.
  • Marko Kraljević i Vila (Marko the Prince and the Fairy) Pozorište Mladih, Sarajevo, 1988.
  • Kockasta Lopta (A Cubical Ball) Narodno Pozorište Zenica, 1987.
  • Proljeće, Ljeto, Jesen (Spring, Summer, Fall) Dom Mladih Skenderija, Sarajevo, 1986.
  • Djevojčica sa Šibicama (The Little Match Girl) Narodno Pozorište Zenica, 1985.
  • Palčić Dugonja (Thumbellino the Lanky) Pozorište mladih, Sarajevo, 1986.