J. Nichole Noel is the reigning award winner of the T.I.R.M.A. (Toronto International Reggae Music Award) for Dub-Poet of the year 2004-2005. She has written two poetry books, two children’s stories and recorded two poetry CDs, the first of which, Verse . . . The Power of the Spoken Words in Music, was released at The Hummingbird Centre for the Performance Arts. In 2005, her diversity in musical styles has allowed her to perform tri-monthly at a variety of multi-genre shows and share the stage with some of Canada’s and Jamaica’s popular Reggae, Jazz and Gospel artists including international artists Leroy Brown, Kay Morris, Eddie Bullen and Liberty Silver to name a few. Noel has also collaborated with artists such as dance hall D.J. Shadrock, and accomplished pianist Don Quarles.