Nathan Baya is a dancer, spoken word poet, and a hip-hop artist. He just released his first album,Reasons to Grind, which is funded by CUE, a radical artists initiative dedicated to supporting artists who live and work in the margins. Nathan’s produced two mixtapes—Ghetto Gospel 1 and Ghetto Gospel 2—also funded by CUE. His mixtapes are inspired by 2PAC, the Jane and Finch community, and his Christian family. Nathan’s performed at events like the Driftwood Multicultural Festival (2014 and 2015), Freedom Fridayz, Kiddie Caribanna (2013, 2014, and 2015), Youth Day (2015), Margin of Eras (2014), Ryerson University’s Anti-Gun Violence Basketball Tournament, and more. His work has been featured on CIUT 89.5FM’s MasterPlan and SteadyVybz.

Nathan is also a passionate community leader. He led a grassroots initiative to reinstate a local recording program meant to keep youth safe and was recognized by the UFCW organization with a Youth Community Service Award. He has also been interviewed by theToronto Star about the negative stereotypes black males from Jane and Finch face and how to overcome them.