One of the primary foot soldiers in Toronto’s underground electronic music scene, Rosina Kazi is the lead singer of the band LAL. She has been instrumental in the growth of many of the city’s female artists, providing venues and forums for their musical expression. More importantly, she has managed to add an air of consciousness and political awareness to many of those events, and this awareness is the most distinctive factor of her music. She grew up in the Bangladeshi community where politics and art went hand in hand, where she sang and danced traditional Bengali folk music and went on to play in choirs and bands up until high school. She moved to Toronto when she was 19 to attend University and worked part-time at a record store, where she discovered the courage to pursue music. She now works at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore and she has been working with the activist and music community to bridge the gap between art and politics. She also does music workshops with youth on behalf of the RCM and other organizations across Toronto. Check out for her music.