Sean Dixon is a playwright, novelist, screenwriter and banjo player. His first novel, The Girls Who Saw Everything (Coach House 2007), is about a young women’s book club that opts to read the first book ever written on its original stone tablets. It’s been published all over the English speaking world and translated into Romanian. He is the author of two books for young readers The Feathered Cloak and The Winter Drey (Key Porter 2007, 2009), both set in 10th-century Norway. A screenplay, Lake Michigan, is in development with Iranian film director Mani Haghighi (Men At Work) for US production in 2011. His second novel, Kip Flynn Has No Heart, about the conflict between a rose-seller and a building developer in Toronto’s Kensington Market, will be published next year by Coach House. Dixon lives in Toronto with his wife and a small collection of banjos.