Sun is an artist of purpose. Her voice is a channel for messages with deep insight into the state of humanity, and her own soul. The Real Sun’s latest body of work, Horizon, is a sacred journey of healing through Acoustic Soul music and Spoken Word Poetry. Her songs are affirmations for self-love, letting go, growth, and resilience. They reverberate from a deep place of truth within.

As a singer, songwriter and performer, her voice dances in melodies that captures a unique tone of profound depth and loving light; accompanied by her own expressions of piano or guitar. Sun’s delivery leaves an impact that resonates to the soul.

Sun stands for truth, and evolution of consciousness, connecting with our hearts, coming into balance within ourselves and with one another, stepping into our true purpose; awakening. She is a carrier of an important message that humanity needs to hear, and her music is a conduit for transformation. Sun has performed internationally on stages across Canada, US, Japan, Korea, Peru, Singapore, and Egypt.