My Road

The writing of Finishing the Road was initially done in spurts. I had the general idea for the novel a little over a decade ago. However, I didn’t actually begin to put thoughts down until a couple of years later . . .

Sheila’s Story

Photo of sheila-murray

Sheila Murray’s involvement with Diaspora Dialogues predates the launch of its long-form mentorship program. About five years ago when DD was still running short-form mentorships, she submitted “Street Movers,” a short story. However, after her acceptance into the program she and mentor Martin Mordecai decided to work on an excerpt from Edward instead since its themes were a better fit with DD’s mandate to promote works that reflect the diversity of Toronto . . .

Afterword: Pratap Reddy


Even before Pratap Reddy migrated to Canada, he had dreams of becoming a writer. He had considered writing a comic novel about office life in India, but the only writing he did were a few newspaper articles (which were neither comical nor fictional) . . .

Afterword: Sanjay Talreja

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Ordinary people are subjects of fascination for Sanjay—how they make things happen, how things happen to them, how they manage with the reverberations of the world around them. In his stories, he traces the impact of sweeping events on everyday lives . . .

Afterword: Becky Blake

On the first of what would become her multiple trips to Barcelona, Becky Blake opted to live in the El Raval neighbourhood. She had heard that it was a rough, notorious area in the way of new-immigrant neighbourhoods, but figured it couldn’t be any different than similar neighbourhoods in Toronto where she’d previously lived . . .