The Forgetful City

The Forgetful City featured image

The first event in our arts and ideas series, Deeper Dialogues, was part of Doors Open Toronto 2011. The Forgetful City—an interactive installation created by Yvette Nolan, Gein Wong and Donna-Michelle St Bernard, plus a panel discussion—explored what as a society we collectively decide to forget and what we choose to hold on to through memory and its embodiment in our physical city . . .

Art as Safe Ground?


The second event in our arts and ideas series, Deeper Dialogues, explored the vital role of storytelling in society. Presented in partnership with Luminato, Festival of Arts + Creativity, Art as Safe Ground? asks: Does storytelling provide a safe space in which to tackle challenging subjects? What conditions are required for such a space to exist—and how successfully are those conditions met in Canada? Anna Porter, founder of Key Porter Books and author of The Ghosts of Europe and Kasztner’s Train, filmmaker Deepa Mehta (Heaven on Earth, the “Elements Trilogy”), and playwright Judith Thompson (Palace of the End, Capture Me) shared excerpts from their work and consider these questions in relation to their own storytelling arts . . .

Future City

In partnership with MASS LBP, a trailblazing public consultation firm, Future City brought together a panel of 44 randomly selected Toronto residents, one from each city ward, to explore the implications of growing polarization in Toronto in the fall of 2011 . . .