The Nuances of Desire

Becoming a Diaspora Dialogues mentee and working with Shani Mootoo is a dream come true. In my creative writing training so far, I have often found myself stranded in classes and spaces that privileged white and straight perspectives . . .

Writing To Discovery

  The feedback I’ve gotten from my previous instructors is that I need to “step into” my pieces more deeply. With my mentor I want to learn how to set up great scenes but also ones that carry a depth of meaning . . .

Inch by Inch, Line by Line

The goal is to walk away with a final draft by the end of the program as such, to have my work reviewed by professionals in the industry is critical. Feedback on its creative and structural elements further improves my ability as a writer and the quality of my existing draft, through subsequent edits . . .

Capturing Continuities

Late last year, I took a leave of absence from my Ph.D in History and began living as a writer. As part of this transition, I began journaling regularly and revisiting past journal entries dating as far back as to when I was 14 or 15 years old . . .

Growing Rootless


What impact do you expect the dramaturgy program to have on you as a playwright and on Rootless? As a playwright I am interested in the learning and growth that I will experience in solo work . . .

Planting the Seeds

Entrance profile graphic

This mentorship program is a stepping stone in my writing career. As someone who has been teaching herself the craft of short stories by reading other authors, I have been searching for one-on-one professional guidance tailored specifically to my stories for a very long time . . .

Journey into Unknown Territory

This is first time I am writing a play (outside of my youth work) so to get feedback, mentorship and to learn from those that write in the classical tradition is extremely valuable as they come in with a different set of eyes than my physical theatre/collective creation background . . .

Finding Rahki

For the past few years, I’ve been writing my novel with a lot of support, but not much guidance. I’ve gotten as much as I can from creative writing courses and how-to books for the time being . . .

Toward Agreement in dis.chord

I worked on dis.chord as my thesis for the University of Guelph-Humber’s MFA in Creative Writing program, and the awesome Russell Smith served as my advisor. The structure, support and accountability of that mentorship was immensely helpful . . .