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Pack Your Temper

Cut the neck. At least once a week, Pa performed this gesture—a thumb sliced clean across his throat. When drivers cut him off, he would switch lanes, speed up and stare into their car until he got someone’s attention and that person would get a cut-the—neck . . .

where you’re going

the path you have taken: shanghai to hong kong hong kong to montreal montreal to toronto parkdale to little portugal little portugal to university and elm university and elm to 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. tides withdraw from each meridian, that ocean here to claim you, now you as always in between . . .

The Poet’s Voice

Back at Mount Sinai Dad’s still asleep, exhausted by the chemo. The doctors won’t admit it but I can tell they don’t give him much of a chance. They’re wrong of course. He may be silent . . .

The Sleep Clinic

By late afternoon I conclude that I’m not stoned. I haven’t been robbed in the night, whether the theft be of organs or money or identity. Dr. Ahman delivered me the impossible without asking for payment or thank you . . .