Writing Exercise: Outline

This is what I’ve learned about writing: Make an outline before you begin a large project. Here’s how you do it: Buy a huge artist’s drawing pad. The biggest you can find. Or a whiteboard. Begin drawing a storyboard of the plot . . .

California Solidarity


Part I In the fall of 1956 the Soviets invaded Hungary. That’s when my father exhausted and alone resigned from the Communist Party. He did not slip away quietly, but drove through the night from Windsor to Toronto, the same night the tanks rolled across the tree-lined boulevards of Budapest . . .

before you go


before you go I demand one thing that you and I return to the forest [where all those faded nights ago the velvet moths in brushing whispers told me not to leave by your side and the sun in skeins wrapped my fingers like the ring you were supposed to give] to where we began . . .