Silent Oppressor

I see you lurking in the shadows you silent oppressor I hear you knocking on people’s doors unassuming polite personable you come like rain from gloomy skies your water healing the people vulnerable you promise sun when there is none dawn cracks and the storm passes bright skies convince us you are truth we celebrate your courage and follow in your trail our blood drenching your muddy paths our hands heavy with your ideals we have become your following you silent oppressor  . . .



on this dog day this day of cloudless reeling where you send me without map or compass letters into the red water of your mescaline beauty where it is enough to sit next to it & feel the foolish tide, the safety of your animal slumber this is fumbling is fear is your bending by is too close to touch straight on this is shadow boxing your jaw with my eyes this is the blind movement towards you this is when i forget what my hands are for this is when i have the dream about your perfect teeth is slaughter is when i need the rules most lest i forget which game we are playing  . . .