The Sea within Me


And so I wait to find some reasoning to pull me under—to allow the waves to grab hold of me and push me out into the ether of the ocean. And I will drown until sand tangles my hair and salt pumps through my veins . . .

The Truth Will Set You Free

A light over them hills I see, The hills of ash where they’ll bury me. In these hills I will forever be, And let the truth set you free. A bleeding man dies in the dust, A dead woman leaves footprints of rust, Soulless children play in the streets, While the murders of crows arrive in fleets . . .

Nothing Here

You lost me at the first line. But, hooked me in to read another. Then, shut me out to slam my teeth on your fist of brick and mortar. I smiled through the blood and broken teeth . . .



I dig a hole in the backyard. Grass stains my hands as I bury all my simple treasures; words and ribbons and bones. I pray that you won’t find them as I wait for night to fall so I can dig them out frantically, lay them out one by one to admire with fervent joy . . .



I’ll mold my life after yours I swear. I promise to always love my children. Teach them to love me, like I will endlessly love you. I might have my Mother’s temper. But I blame resilience on my Father . . .