Descriptive Exercises


I’ve often picked up a stray object, tossed it into the middle of the room and asked participants to write in response to it. In one case, it was a lost glove I found on the sidewalk . . .

Key to Success


I came from the mother lands of black people My roots are from Africa where we originated from My background is where rivers collide and the gold coast is formed I AM ME, and only I can decide what I am going to be I go to school for knowledge and education because education is key With education, it’s the only way I can be free, it’s the only way I can express the educated side of me Because as long as I stay in school, I can be successful in this world I call my life And within this world we can all be what we wanna be if we follow the blueprint that is set Out for us to see So don’t disrespect your elders if they’re trying to put you on the right path Just put your head up, and I’ll promise you won’t crash  . . .

Good Enough

Sometimes I wonder if I’m good enough If all the cash in the world would be good enough When I think of you, I wonder if I could treat you well enough How can I be good enough when my state of mind is mindless? Doubt infects the mind like a blinding virus Clouding judgement until I’m feeling lifeless It’s like this could be the last chance to write this— Poem, how could I ever know on my own If I only doubt myself when I’m alone? So please tell me if I’m good enough Maybe it’s a misunderstanding between us You tell me you love me, but act like you’re sick of me I act like I don’t care, but it’s killing me inside I could have lied, when I’m with you pride— Is worn like something tight— When I’m alone, it’s the exact opposite . . .



My ballet slippers are white as new My tutu is glittery and blue I kiss her on the cheek and here I go Off to the stage and see me glow Walk up the ladder, light dim, silence like no other My heart is pounding in my head, almost feels like I’m about to urinate Applause starts and down from the ceiling here I go Back straight, arms delicate now walk like a feather I am nervous and get the chills like cold weather I want to remind mommy’s little girl how we used to dance together No matter what obstacle, I’ll make it better I’ll always dance for her even if she is in a wheelchair The music of the violin was what she loved the most And the beach and the sand massaging her feet was her favorite memory But now things changed, despite I can’t hear her talk or see her dance I just need a smile and that’s what makes me feel marvelous Two weeks till the X-ray I pray that at least halfway she will make it okay Happy is where I would love her to stay And one day again we will dance ballet This dance is for her I would love her to know that dreams do come true Because here I am dancing for her Me being the swan in this play and defeating her pain This is my greatest joy and the end to this play A smile I got from her today Applause too for my first showcase  . . .


Home is where the heart is A place where warmth and comfort can be A quiet place for just me Where I can be alone Even with everyone home Where I can eat all day and sleep all night Without anyone bothering me in sight Away from the world But still so close The world will always be an exciting place But home is where my heart is  . . .