Mississauga Life


Co-owners Mike Douglas and Don McVee created Missisauga Life as a guide for what was going on in the city. The magazine has since rebranded as Mississauga Life: Spirit of the City. Among the magazine’s chief aims are the building of connections with businesses in Mississauga and highlighting of cultural events, giving residents a good cross-section overview of what’s currently going on in their city.

The magazine’s myriad sections, which continue to grow in number from when it was first launched, highlight lesser known aspects of what makes Mississauga exciting, featuring articles that will appeal to more demographic groups. For example, Homefront features designers from HGTV and Urban Eats highlights restaurants, with a themed section titled Mississauga on a Plate. In this way,Mississauga Life tries to appeal to a broad audience and offer something for everyone. The broad readership of the magazine reflects this and, as responses on social media indicate, the magazine is well received by Mississaugans.

For the most part, the writers and contributors are from Mississauga, but the magazine also hires outside writers from as broad a source as SCTV comedians, and accommodates queries that will continue to promote the idea that, although Mississauga is not necessarily the first place one thinks of when considering arts and culture, the city has a unique cultural side.