Perfecting Strangers

The project that I’m working on is something I’ve never done before. With something as big as writing a novel, I need guidance. I’ve written short pieces online but this is for publication I hope someday, it’s at a higher level. I hope to understand what writing really means beyond what it means to me personally. I don’t expect to get to where the established authors are; just to move a little bit farther up from where I am now.

I always knew that I wanted to tell a story about someone who is kind of like me in terms of background. The main character in Strangers shares my ethnicity. Some of the things she goes through are the same as mine. Strangers started from three distinct stories that emerged from the many things I witnessed and personal stories I heard. I want to shape them all into a novel because I think it would make a great one. All the issues are not really in existing literature, as I’ve come to notice. I want to see a story of a character from my ethnicity that also faced issues that I, my friends, and other people I’ve met from my cultural/religious background have faced living in Canada as a Canadian while at same time having our culture/religion not fit in the eyes of society.

I write until I’ve exhausted the words. Then I re-read and edit. It sounds like a good system, but often I end up staying on the same part too long, and I realize I could have kept going instead of getting hung up on just one part. But if I come back to something I wrote after a long time has passed, I look at it and think “What was I writing? ” The mentorship will help me work on this process and actually get through the story.

I find myself average, so I can’t think of anything zany. Maybe my age. People often think I’m younger than I am. I attribute that to my height, I’m really short. Also, I was born in the Netherlands, that too catches people off guard.

If I ruled the world as a writer, I would give all writers the ability to time-travel. Experience is the coolest way to learn things. I feel like writers get all their stories from experience, as opposed to just reading it off the net or books. Books come from going places and meeting people. I’m a huge Jane Austen fan, so I would love to go back to that era and see what it was like for Jane Austen herself.

Hopefully 2024 will find me with a lot of my books published. That’s my number one goal. I don’t see myself on a huge scale; just enough to have one or two people say ‘oh, I read that.’ The greatest thing for a writer is to be on a train and see your book in someone else’s hand.