Sheila’s Story

Photo of sheila-murray

Sheila Murray’s involvement with Diaspora Dialogues predates the launch of its long-form mentorship program. About five years ago when DD was still running short-form mentorships, she submitted “Street Movers,” a short story. However, after her acceptance into the program she and mentor Martin Mordecai decided to work on an excerpt from Edward instead since its themes were a better fit with DD’s mandate to promote works that reflect the diversity of Toronto . . .



Edward laughs like a loon. He sits splay-legged on the beach on a perfect summer day with the sun high and hot and the sea a shimmer of slate-blue. Beside him his best friend Harry wears a smile as broad as the slick of sand they sit upon . . .

On a Night Like This

November rain, the beginning of winter and the last leaves trampled into a dense, wet mat of browns. The sky had been a thick sheet of grey for three days so rain was almost a relief, although it now felt as though it would last for weeks . . .

Reimagining our History

Diaspora Dialogues invites you to join us for a weekend of readings reimagining Canadian history. Our country’s defining attributes are its multiculturalism and inclusivity. Yet, we tend to tell Canadian history through the eyes of the white settler . . .