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In addition to our Core Programming streams, we also sometimes produce special projects. These take the idea of a literature of Toronto (the focus of our core programming streams) and place it within broader civic contexts. Each special project is different, but our overall goal is to provide innovative spaces for residents to explore, debate, and discuss the city’s diverse artistic, cultural, political, and historical landscapes.

Deeper Dialogues

Deeper Dialogues took our programming into the arts + ideas realm in 2011 with a discussion series that engaged Torontonians in a conversation about how to build a more vibrant, creative, sustainable and just city. Made possible by the Metcalf Foundation.

A Day in the Life in Toronto

What is a Day in the Life of Toronto like for an emerging artist, a newcomer to the city, a poet, a mother? What stands out visually, which passing encounter stays with someone? Day in the Life of Toronto is a unique series of audio narrated stories shared by Mayank Bhatt, Catherine Hernandez, Cherie Dimaline, Fereshteh Molavi and Ian Malczewski. Each story, accompanied by a slide show of photos and illustrations, explores the paths of these five writers as they make their way through a day in the life of their Toronto.

LitToronto Map

Add to our LitToronto Map! Add your own place-specific flash fiction and haiku poems. Visit the map for details.

Our interactive literary map showcases the city as a layered, storied place rich with many perspectives and narratives. The map is marked with excerpts from place-specific stories and poems from our anthology TOK: Writing the New Toronto. Check it out!