Helen Walsh, President

Photo of Helen Walsh by Betty Wang
Photo by Betty Wang

Helen Walsh is a publisher, producer and writer. Walsh took over the Literary Review of Canada in 1998 and, along with a small group of passionate literati, re-launched the magazine later that year. She has since grown the readership, reach and influence of the magazine by producing a highly popular series of public readings and talks. In 2005, Walsh founded Diaspora Dialogues Charitable Society, an arts organization that supports the creation of new fiction, poetry and drama by culturally diverse writers. With the design and launch of the Ideas institute, Walsh aspires to build a broad-based public forum where Canadians can meet each other in a robust and respectful conversation about the future of Canada, and actively participate in the building of its future.

Zalika Reid-Benta, Program Manager

Photo of zalika-reid-bentaZalika Reid-Benta is a born and bred Toronto writer and a former mentee of Diaspora Dialogues. She has completed an MFA from Columbia University’s creative writing program and is currently working on tightening her thesis into a publishable short story collection. In 2011, she was named a “Writer to Watch” by the CBC website and her work has appeared in various publications, such as TOK 7 and Apogee Journal.

Christian Sharpe, Manager, Business Operations

An arts administrator and manager for the past 10 years, Christian comes to Diaspora Dialogues from a performance background, and a strong belief in the power of mentoring in allowing the artist the keenest opportunity to emerge and find their own identity and voice. As a professional musician Christian has had the good fortune to have wonderful role models and to pass his own experiences on to nurture the next generation of musicians, and is proud to have a hand in growing this capacity for the writers who come to DD and leave transformed.

Miranda Newman, Manager, Events and Marketing

Photo of Miranda Newman by Brice Ferré
Brice Ferré

Miranda Newman is a Toronto-based writer and co-editor of AFTERNOON. Her work has appeared in the Montreal Gazette, the Literary Review of Canada, The Walrus, Torontoist, and more. When she’s not writing, she supports the arts through event production for literary nonprofits like Diaspora Dialogues.