Diaspora Dialogues works in partnership with schools, community centres, libraries and local arts groups to set up free after-school creative writing workshops for youth aged 16 to 18. Professional writers lead and design the workshops in consultation with the youth and the partners, working with them to develop their writing and communication skills as well as encouraging them to explore career possibilities in arts and culture.

After the workshops are completed, the young writers, along with their mentors, have the opportunity to showcase their work at a public reading event at a local venue. We also produce a chapbook for all the participants.

To find out about bringing these workshops to your school, library or community centre, contact info@diasporadialogues.com.

Diaspora Dialogues travaille en partenariat avec des écoles, maisons de quartier, bibliothèques et communautés artistiques pour organiser des ateliers d’écriture après l’école pour les jeunes âgés de 16 à 18 ans. Des écrivains professionnels créent et dirigent les ateliers en consultation avec les jeunes et les partenaires locaux, pour les aider à perfectionner leur écriture et les encourager à considérer une carrière artistique.

Pour marquer la fin des ateliers d’écriture, les jeunes écrivains et leurs mentors peuvent présenter leurs œuvres lors d’une lecture publique. Nous publions également un recueil pour tous les participants.

Pour accueillir ces ateliers dans votre école, bibliothèque ou maison de quartier, contactez info@diasporadialogues.com.

Currently in grade ten at Father John Redmond CSS, this is the second year that I have had the pleasure of working with Diaspora Dialogues mentors in creative writing workshops. After attending my first one in grade nine, with the prestigious Kerri Sakamoto, I have made it an issue to attend every workshop at my school. I’ve had a tendency to only write poetry, but after hearing some of the works by our mentors, I’ve been writing so much more. I know it sounds awkward, but it feels as if each workshop is like an injection of an inspiration-stimulant. Since our last workshop in February, I’ve already written some chapters for multiple novel ideas, a few rants, about three and a half short stories, and numerous poems.