A Roundabout Celebration

Impossible Words: Mariko Tamaki

From poetry to performance, the Impossible Words series passes the baton to writer and performer Mariko Tamaki. Ms. Tamaki has written numerous novels, has created her own graphic novel, and is developing a creative writing course for the University of Toronto. Hoping to light up the literary salon with her latest novel, (You) Set Me On Fire, Ms. Tamaki will be, in my opinion, headlining for a rather eventful weekend.

When: September 22, 2012; from 1:30 pm-3:30 pm
Where: The Academy of the Impossible Words; 231 Wallace Avenue (At Lansdowne) East
For more info: info@impossiblewords.ca; impossiblewords.ca; (416) 779-1448

Annual Acclamations: Word On The Street

I hope you have a clear schedule, because next weekend will be jammed with a smouldering load of books. Word On The Street is exactly as it sounds. The streets around Queen’s Park will be unleashing any book lover’s dream: amazing sales and new names to the writing world. Not to mention there are always great opportunities for writers. Last year, I found a booth that sold specially bound novels, and numerous others that were publicizing online zines for free publishing. And there will also be the TVO kids’ stage for the much younger children who also want a chance at some new books. I highly recommend attending, and if you’ve known me long enough, you would already have had this marked on your calendar.

When: September 23, 2012; from 11:00 am-6:00 pm
Where: Queen’s Park Circle; Downtown Toronto