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Booktalking: Red Maple Award and White Pine Award Reading Program @ OLA

If you haven’t heard me preach this principal before, I am sure you have been told from any writer you have ever known, that “constant reading is the writer’s most beneficial tool in his/her toolbox.” And is it not?

Bask in some of the most recent triumphs in young-adult fiction and non-fiction. Kenneth Oppel will be discussing his novel Half Brotherwhich won the Red Maple Award. Kelley Armstrong returns to the events blog yet again, with The Gathering, a recipient of the White Pine Award for fiction. And finally, Neil Pasricha will be discussing The Book of Awesome, a bestseller and recipient of the White Pine Award for non-fiction. So dive in for some new reads and insights by these authors.

When: November 22, 2012; from 5:00 pm-6:00 pm
Where: York Woods TPL branch: Teen Area; 36 Brentwood Road North
Register: Call 416 395-5980

Author’s Spotlight: Colonel Mustard in the Library: Author Sheila Dalton

Never have I seen so many fantastic opportunities to hear author’s discussions so close together. The Colonel Mustard in the Library series returns with author Sheila Dalton, who will be discussing her mystery novel, The Girl in the Box, the story of a Guatemalan girl who is suspected of murder after being traumatized by the violence all around her.

When: November 27; from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
Where: Mount Pleasant TPL branch: Program Room; 599 Mt. Pleasant Road

Scholarly Discussions:Writing the East End: Authors Discuss their Works

And if you can’t make either of the two above events, don’t fret! Yet another slew of author’s thoughts will be coming your way during the beginning of December.

Jennefer Laidley and Gene Desfor will discuss the award winning book Reshaping Toronto’s Waterfront, a look at how the waterfront is poised as a crucial economical point.

Shawn Micallef presents Stroll: Psychogeographic Walking Tours of Toronto and Full Frontal T.O., an analysis of what Toronto’s modern “look” truly is.

And Mark Osbaldeston concludes with his Unbuilt Toronto: A History of the City That Might Have Been and Unbuilt Toronto 2: More of the City That Might Have Been. Both have been noted as revolutionary additions to the concepts of architectural analysis.

When: December 4; from 7:00 pm-9:00 pm
Where: Queen/Saulter TPL branch: Program Room—Ralph Thornton Centre; 578 Finch Avenue