Chang Liu is the son of Chinese and French immigrants. Like his “Bà Ba” and “Maman,” he became a professional translator. He is seeking the publication of his first collection of poems, written over a period of two years in Bangkok, where he trained in classical Thai dance and Thai language. Currently living in Toronto, Chang runs a French translation business, teaches Thai and continues to write.

His poetry was published most recently in TOK: Writing the New Toronto (2010), and previously in The Dry Wells of India—An Anthology Against Thirst, the ESU Literary Journal, and SCAT!, and will be featured in the first anthology of the International Festival of Poetry of Resistance (IFPOR, spring 2011). He will also be a featured performer at the upcoming IFPOR (October 2011).

Chang’s work in TOK recently caught the eye of Niranjana Iyer, writer and book critic, on her website Brown Paper (Writing from Canada. Via South Asia).