Gili Haimovich is an internationally published poet with background in visual arts and journalism. Her collection of English poetry, Living on a Blank Page was published in two editions; the second one includes Gili’s photography (Blue Angel Press, 2009). In North America her work has appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies such as LRC—Literary Review of Canada, Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, Cahoots Magazine, Stellar Showcase Journal, Writing in the Margins and In My Bed Magazine, as well as major Israeli journals such as Mitaam, Emda and Helicon. Gili’s is showcased in the first anthology of Diaspora Dialogues—TOK1: Writing the New Toronto.

Gili has three volumes of poetry in Hebrew: Contact Glue (Gavanim Publishers, 2001), Reflected Like Joy (Gavanim, 2002) and My Forces Fire (Even Hoshen, 2007). Her forth book Lint Season is forthcoming this year (Pardes 2011).

Gili has been translating Hebrew and English poetry. Her translations are published and presented in journals and events in North America and Israel. She is also involved in creating poetry events such as Women Who Write at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore, Intersections—Multidisplinary Poetry Event and Blank Page: Poetry Based Performance created and presented at the Junction Arts Festival with the dance and voice artist Megan English.

Gili graduated from the Camera Obscura Arts School and ISIS Israel, the training program for intermodal expressive arts therapy. She works as an expressive arts therapist and as a creative writing and expressive arts educator.