Saghi Ghahraman was born in Mash’had, Iran, in 1957. She fled Iran in 1981 after country-wide arrests of Tudeh Party members and its women’s organization branch took place. She lived as a refugee in Turkey before emigrating to Canada in 1988. Ghahraman has published four collections of Persian poetry and short fiction, and has given readings in Europe through Persian literary organizations of writers-in-exile as well as, in English, at Montreal’s Blue Metropolis festival. She has been an editorial board member of Sepidar, a Persian literary magazine in Toronto, and contributed to various Persian quarterlies and magazines. Ghahraman is a member of PEN Canada and a contributing editor with Descant: A Literary Quarterly, and is the guest-editor of Descant’s fall 2007 Iran’s Issue. She has participated as a featured speaker at several PEN Canada Readers & Writers events including “Refuge & Reimagination” (Toronto), “Embedded in Exile” (Peterborough), and “Borders of Writing/ Orders of Refuge” (Windsor). At present, she is one of the two chief-editors of Cheraq Monthly, a Persian LGBT online magazine.