Wasela Hiyate lived and worked abroad in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean before earning a Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. Her story, Mo, featured in TOK 3, is taken from a collection of short fiction based on journeys both real and imaginary. These short stories have appeared in Descant, The Art of Trespassing, Her Mother’s Ashes 3, The Fiddlehead Review, are forthcoming in The New South, or are published in Coming Attractions10 by Oberon Press. The title story of the manuscript, Travel Is So Broadening, was nominated in 2010 for a National Magazine Award for Fiction and The Journey Prize.

Wasela is currently based in Toronto, where she teaches writing skills and sells the work of others in an independent bookstore and at Communication Art Gallery. Like everyone else in Canada, she’s at work on a novel.