Dr. Ying Kong, Associate Professor, teaches literature especially Indigenous Literature at University College of the North. Besides her academic writings, she also published creative works in various literary journals such as Prairie Fire, Chinese Literature and Culture, and the quint.  “You Can’t Go Home Again” was recognized in 2008 as one of the best creative non-fiction pieces on the theme of “Home”. Her short story, “I am Lao Yang,” was published by Ricepaper magazine in 2014 and has been selected for the anthology of AlliterAsian: Twenty Years of RicePaper Magazine published in the fall of 2015 by Arsenal Pulp Press. “I am Lao Yang” was shortlisted for Jim Wong-Chu Emerging Writers in 2018.

Ying was in the Diaspora Dialogue short-form program, working at her short story, “Diwomaodun—The Sin of Being a Mixed Race,” with Kate Cayley as her mentor.  Now she is in the Diaspora Dialogues National Mentoring Program, working with her mentor, Sally Ito, at a short story collection, Lotus Seeds—Flavours for A New Land, for the future publication.