Building the Future City of Toronto


On Tuesday, February 7, a special event held at the Urbanspace Gallery marked the launch of the Toronto Residents’ Reference Panel on Household Income Report and the opening of Mind the Gap exhibition, which explores the widening income gap in Toronto that is characterising the city’s neighbourhoods.

The Reference Panel consists of 44 randomly selected residents of Toronto, who came together to propose ideas that would help decrease the income disparity and make Toronto a more competitive, livable and inclusive city. The report includes over 90 recommendations covering seven major themes:

  1. Economy, taxation and employment
  2. Community development and services
  3. Housing
  4. Immigration, diversity and culture
  5. Education and equality
  6. Health
  7. Transit and the environment

The report was written and compiled entirely by the panelists themselves and what they hope to achieve with the report is to open discussion and influence future policies to ensure Toronto remains one of the world’s most desirable cities.

Download the report here.