The Relentlessness of the Creative Process

At this point, I am at a juncture where I can’t decide how to proceed with my manuscript.  I hope I will come out of the mentorship as a more skilled, experienced and confident writer. My manuscript arose from a voice in my head repeating a phrase over and over again . . .

Writing As Righting…

Tekkin’ Back Tongue, is a self-directed writing residency cum poetry manuscript born of churchgoers routinely pleading the Accra sky until 4:30 am, in a palpable residuum of colonization, slave dungeons and a turbulent Gulf of Guinea . . .

Show Up at the Page

I’ve known I wanted to write something around my theme (love and money) since I first took an interest in writing about twenty years ago, but I also felt I needed to develop my craft first . . .

The Beauty of the Short Story

At this point in my writing career, I feel that I’m not a novice anymore. I would still attend entry level classes and novice level workshops and would come up empty both creatively and professionally. I’ve published a novella with a first-time publisher (ACWW) and some of my short stories have been featured in their literary magazine (Ricepaper Magazine) . . .

GTA Mentoring Program: Contradictions and Absurdities in Life and Art

I grew up in the United Arab Emirates during the 1980s and early 1990s and moved to North America when I was thirteen because of the first Gulf War. Growing up in the Middle East during that time meant growing up concurrently with innocence (so much was censored) and turmoil (so much was brewing), optimism (so much seemed possible) and repression (so much was not legally possible) . . .

GTA Mentoring Program: Process

Based on my past mentorships, I have seen that an opportunity to work with a published, successful writer brings insight and knowledge into both the process and craft but also into the larger aspect of seeing a project through to its final incarnation.
 . . .

The Magic in the Everyday

I don’t remember when my stories started looking like a collection to me; perhaps when I realized similar themes kept repeating in them. I think that I tend to notice the speculative/ fantastical in everyday objects or events, and they keep jumping out at me as potential stories . . .