Cramped in a Cardboard Box: The Fixated Writer


Being cramped in a cardboard box is not fun. The mind is stuck, and dry, and cannot finish a thought. Finding a rhyme with orange is nearly impossible, and other fruit will simply not suffice. So how does one conclude thoughts that seem unthinkable? Try standing up, and claw at the air for the word out of reach. Go wash your hands of the mucky words that reiterate themselves to you constantly. Even try to meditate, and hope that the sentence to save your story will float into your consciousness. Now, I am no guru of thought, nor do I admit to having any foreknowledge as to why orange is the only fruit to bring joy.

Read on simply because you must do something besides scratch your head and stare at a wall with a quizzical expression. Read because maybe this babbled thought will be just the jumble of letters and words that give you what you need.

This is the instruction that I can pass on to you: retain the first three words that come into your mind. Now try your best to forget them all. Hop on the spot and shake your head free of them. If you can’t, then it shows that you may be doomed to your little cardboard box. Hopefully though, by now you will have thought of that rhyme for orange, or realized that tangerines are better anyway. Hopefully this bit of nonsensical reasoning has given a flow to your creative juices, and has dampened your cardboard box enough to break free.