Curbing into the Checkered Flag

Poetic Gathering: Impossible Arts: Sound Poets Circle

Impossible Arts is a Toronto-based non-profit organization that supports the artistic and leadership abilities of everyone that they come into contact with. They are now holding a spoken word, hip-hop, and performance poetry workshop for youth ages 16-29. And it’s free! I always feel I need to emphasize that. Regardless, this is a three-month workshop that will aid in the formation and presentation of your poetry, run by artists Rosina Kazi, Mindbender Supreme, The Grimace, and producer Nicholas Murray. You will be walking away with a refined understanding and experience of the writing form, not to mention an MP3 of your presented work. Again, space is limited!

When: March 11—May 27, 2013; every Monday evening
Register: Either email or call 416-779-1448
For more info: Visit here

A Numbered Method: Ten Steps to Crafting the Novel

The time to begin the countdown is now. Through a ten step lesson, Bianca Lakoseljac, author of Bridge in the Rain and Summer of the Dancing Bear, will be hosting a 90-minute lecture that highlights the methodology of writing your own novel. Think back to all those old story ideas you ever jotted down in your moleskin notebook, because they are all golden. Bianca has an honours BA and an MA in English Literature from York University, and has also taught at Ryerson University and Humber College. She is a renowned writer, and her advice is as precious as a pearl to a clam. So hurry! Space is limited!

When: March 14; from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm
Where: Brentwood TPL branch: Program room; 36 Brentwood Road North
Register: Call 416-394-5240

Calling All Writers: Shorthand Online Zine

Calling all writers. Calling all writers. Come in writers! I think it’s about time that we join hands of the sort and secure some foundation in the online publishing world. Shorthand’s the name, and publishing the works of brilliant young writers is the game. You can get your work published for free, and all you have to do is find one or two of your best poems or work of fiction, and refine them to the shining gems that they can be.

When: Submit whenever you feel the winds of editing have chiselled the roughness out of your work. However, when you do submit it will affect which issue your work may be accepted into.