Why is forgiveness so hard to give?
When without forgiveness we could not live.
I guess for us, to set pride aside
Is as hard as swimming against the tide
But without forgiveness, the Devil wins
For that is one step headed toward sin
Even if the sin against us was wrong
OUR sins, that are forgiven, go on and on.
We are taught, two wrongs don’t make a right
So against our own anger, we must fight
Seek God, talk to Him, praise Him for it all
And then, this anger, from you, He will withdraw.
For to think hate, and feel hate, we are just as bad,
And with these sins, we really make God sad
Think of those who you have hurt or have done wrong,
Remember their forgiveness and sing a new song
For to have God’s love and His forgiveness,
That alone should bring us bliss
When you feel the pain of the sin
Think of the cross, and the pain Jesus was in
Remember the debt that was paid for you
And to your fellow man, offer forgiveness too.