Gimme yr little quiet

An excerpt

you’re not coming
and I can’t have you this evening
I have to
put the flowers around my own throat
and buy myself a film
the red seats will be the violets of my lap.
I’m going to begin now
anointing myself with the oil of your absence. That is this book.
And I made the book of you in your
absence and I’ll come into the house
and in the hot oil of your absence, my anointment
a rose-shaped burn
at my crown.
I'll buy me
flowers and cover my chest
protecting my health in our violets.
I can’t stop
but I can have this open
and we might
communion then
right among the spaces
my side and inner arm, our outer arms, your inner arm and your
torso and behind that your
tight heart
and the space between that nut and
some energy around which there is no space
We dip dates into a good wine
and have communion. Have we the same