Giving Made Easy

Aeroplan Beyond MilesDiaspora Dialogues is committed to programming events featuring diverse speakers, artists and intellectuals. We ensure that our events are easily accessible by providing free admission or an affordable ticket price. In order for us to continue to do this, we need your support!

DD has just established a charitable pooling account with Aeroplan, into which anyone can donate points without incurring transfer fees. We understand that points take a long time to accumulate and can be hard to part with; however, we would be most grateful if you would consider making a donation. With your generous support, DD will be able to use donated points for airfare to bring writers and artists from diverse backgrounds to our Toronto events—a new requirement of our federal funding—as well as begin to expand our work to other Canadian cities.

In April 2013, DD and the Literary Review of Canada will launch Canada’s first national festival of politics, art and ideas. A mix of discussions, town halls, readings, performances, walking tours and place-specific artistic presentations will feature Canadian and global writers, artists, thinkers, filmmakers, cultural curators, politicians, academics, journalists, and others. Celebrating Canada’s history, while building towards our sesquicentennial in 2017, Spur will be an annual festival designed to engage Canadians in a feisty, nation-wide search for ways to advance on the most current of issues. It will be multi-partisan, forward-looking and solutions oriented.

Stay tuned for when we publicly announce the festival in weeks to come!

Please help us spur this national, linked conversation by donating points—in any amount—to make this large country a little more accessible to our work.

To donate your points, visit here.

To learn more about our Aeroplan donation recognition levels visit here.