Inch by Inch, Line by Line

The goal is to walk away with a final draft by the end of the program as such, to have my work reviewed by professionals in the industry is critical. Feedback on its creative and structural elements further improves my ability as a writer and the quality of my existing draft, through subsequent edits.

Originally a YA story when I began writing in 2011, my novel remained unfinished for years before I picked it up again in 2008. It has been slowly taking shape ever since. Occasionally I outline. I should do this more often because it can be quite helpful when you’re in a rut. More oft than not, I free write. This means I write whatever comes to me and as much of it as possible until I’m completely out of steam. Then, I’ll print, read and revise the hard copy before returning to the screen.

If I had to choose someone to write my story it would be George Elliot Clarke.

If I ruled the world, I suppose there would be more opportunities for writers to earn a steady income, though I’m not certain how exactly I would impose such a thing, even with all my power. 

Ten years from now, I imagine I’ve published three novels and a collection of creative non-fiction short stories, and have written multiples essays for various magazines. In addition, I’m teaching writing in some capacity, and am an advocate for mental health wellness, homelessness prevention and literacy. I have experienced a low point where feeling overwhelmed with doubt, I seriously considered a fulltime return to my ‘traditional’ job in the technology field. Although I’ve had many unexpected and rewarding experiences during my writing career thus far, one particular highlight kept me going. It’s the day I shared the good news with my family and friends – that I finally landed a publisher for my first novel. After which, I surprise them each with a signed copy, to their surprise and elation.