Is Love D
It all started with fruit,
You know the story of Adam and Eve?
But I believe something else was born underneath that tree,

I believe in fairy tales; and love at first sight.

You can use love for wrong and for right. To tell your spouse, “forever and always.” OR. To get that girl for just one night.

When I was young I was taught to love and respect. Now everyone says, “Forget love I’m drunk and wanna have sex.”

We’re ruining what this four letter word stands for. It’s not about who you can get naked and how far you think they’ll take it. It’s about two people connecting on a level that’s pure endless bliss. It’s about your heart beating faster when you hear that person’s name. Today, love is hard to find, but try hard enough and it can be found.

I’ve never been in love. But I know it’s not just about sight. When you see a person’s inner beauty, They become beautiful on the outside too.