Hello, Neighbour: Scarborough Bluffs

This piece was selected to be part of Hello, Neighbour, a community engagement project that takes six pieces of writing from residents of Toronto, and uses them as inspiration for six new works by local artists.

Join us Saturday Feb. 23rd, 2019 2-5pm for a day of performances by the artists, hosted by Nana aba Duncan of CBC’s Fresh Air.

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Limestone cliffs

walls insulated with layers

of timeless geological intrigue

towering above the lakeshore

where rocks of different shapes,

hues and sizes are heaped together

or lie loosely scattered on the sand,

rocks that have rolled down

when they were dislodged

then eased out from

their beds in the earth

by rain and melting snow

before settling in the sand

on Lake Ontario’s Scarborough shoreline

where they are bathed by waves

that ebb and flow rhythmically,

where ducks quack with delight

while they swim for fun

or search for food, where

birds squeak with excitement

as they perform gymnastics in the air

to the delight of people on the ground.


And I, a frequent visitor here

when alerted by electronic

or nature’s clock

that it is time to leave

this mesmerising place,

am soothed by the knowledge

that I will soon be back

in Bluffer’s Park

at the Scarborough Bluffs.