Sisterly Love


She looked at me with her big eyes that could turn a heart of stone into a ball of mush. “But why won’t they let me play with the rest of them? ” I had no words. Even I was astonished at what just happened. Why is it that my six-year-old daughter can’t go and play on her brother’s team? Are you freaking kidding me? The worst part was listening to the reasoning from the coaches, especially from that fat guy Mr. Red. What kind of a stupid name is that name anyways. His only reply to me was that “the girls have their own team. They shouldn’t even be playing sports anyways, they should just stick to doing their hair and makeup”. Oh no, he didn’t . . . I did NOT just hear that. I spent my whole life working for a bright future for these kids only to have the rights and freedoms of my daughter being stepped all over.

I grabbed her hand and kissed her forehead telling her that everything would be alright . . . it wasn’t. She was watching TV while I was on my phone when my son Jay came in with tears rolling down his eyes. When he told me that coach Red kicked him off the team, I lost it. I grabbed my keys and drove to the school going at least 20 kilometres over the speed limit. Everything was a blur and time went by slowly. He was the first person I saw and I was the last person he wanted to see. I didn’t yell at him or hit him, I just smiled and told him that he just messed with the wrong family. He knew me and how effective I was in the courtroom but this was something else, I’m on another level now.

I told the principal that she had better put my daughter and son back on that soccer team but she protected coach Red. Without any fuss I smiled at her and gave her a piece of paper that left her trembling. I just brought a storm of crap on this school and nothing could stop me unless I got what I wanted. I spoke with Emily later that night about the whole incident and she broke down before me and fell in my arms. I got Jay downstairs and had them watch movies when I got a call from the office. The school hired Dom to represent them, that guy always dragged me down then screwed everyone over to get his position. I ran to the computer and worked all night, 9 hours to be exact. “Your honour, women are not to be subjected to objectification ever in our society and need to be treated as equals according to the Canadian Constitution, yet before me is a six-year-old girl that is objectified AND has been denied the right to be an equal.” That was a good start, it wasn’t flashy with big words but it got to the point.

A few weeks into my own case I noticed something, these people are ruthless. Dom did all his research on me and my kids by looking through every aspect of my life, no luck.

I did it . . . I won. A shame that the school year ended already.