The Forbidden Amour

satchelSo deadly is the sin. Yet so sweet is the blood. Is it wrong to love your prey? The scent of its skin wanders off. I don’t even know this creature. I have a purpose to accomplish. My teeth seethe venom. One drop flowed into the creature’s mouth and it becomes unconscious. Its eyes are still wide open. I can see the green circles. So bright are the circles. Nothing that is so luminous ever lives on my planet.

I stare at the creature’s face. How wonderful it seems. The body and head are oddly disproportional, with the head being a weird almost sphere-like shape. The creature is starting to wake up. It is stirring and starting to murmur. I put my hand on its mouth. “Shhhh,” I say. The creature seems to be uncomprehending. It continues to thrash. I look into its eyes. I see the life inside of them. My heart yearns for this creature. Its arms are oddly dangled and loose and it seems only to walk on two legs. But I am intrigued. It is those eyes.

I yearn to keep this creature. I will stash it in my cubicle. I will keep it so no one will know. I don’t understand this feeling. If I get caught, I will surely be burned at the stake. My fellow soldiers will accuse me of treason, of helping the enemy. Who knows? Maybe this creature will live with us and contaminate the population like they did to my ancestors, decimating their population.

But that is a risk I am willing to take. I stash the creature in my hunting bag to disguise it as a meal. I quickly board the spaceship. Passing the customs was easy. Yet my breath quickened and my heart thumped uncontrollably. My head felt dizzy. Then everything went black.

When I finally woke up, I was surrounded. The chiefs are all around me. Their eyes are livid. I notice my hunting bag is gone. They must have found out what was inside of it. They must have known. Their eyes are searching my face. My face fills with remorse. What have they done with the creature? I know that I have caused it pain. I lost my chance. I could have just killed it with one bite. Now, it is probably being tortured by the chiefs for information on our enemies. After it has its fingers pulled off and its skin peeled, the chiefs surely would not let it live.

I search around me, moving only my eyes. I see a bloodied body and I start to cry. Blue streams of tears rolled down my cheeks. The chiefs looked at each other in disgust. They would never understand why I feel pity for such a creature. For them, it is like taking the life of a soulless object rather than a living and breathing creature that could feel pain.