The Pitch

3d glasses

Come one, come all, gather round, take a seat,
And let me show you the latest technological treat.
Is your world awfully dull, grey-washed and boring?
Do you find yourself sitting in class, at work, snoring?
Are you counting the days and filling your time 
Waiting for death in an orderly line?
Fear not my friend, my darling, my dear,
Pirelli’s new glasses are finally here!
A volunteer? A Jane? A Jack, Jill or John?
Ah, there you go, just pop these specs on!
See there’s a filter inside that makes it all rosy,
Pastel and pink, softened and cozy.
Isn’t that better? Isn’t that grand?
But wait there’s more; let me give you a hand!
With the push of this button your view will all change,
And your world can be wonderfully twisted and strange.
This button right here can switch it around,
Make everything vintage, aged and tea-browned.
One more switch and you’ll see colour all gone,
Like an old classic movie, your show must go on!
The photos you look at, the TV you see,
Has all been altered for you and me.
And if all that is faked, airbrushed and pretty,
Why should life have to be realistically gritty? 
So why don’t you buy a pair or a dozen?
One for yourself, your mother, your cousin!
I’ve got plenty here for all who can pay.
A drop in the hat, now wouldn’t you say?
Come one, come all, gather round, spend a dollar,
And let Pirelli create splendour from squalor!