The Relentlessness of the Creative Process

At this point, I am at a juncture where I can’t decide how to proceed with my manuscript.  I hope I will come out of the mentorship as a more skilled, experienced and confident writer.

My manuscript arose from a voice in my head repeating a phrase over and over again. The image of a young girl writing letters and the sense of loneliness of an outsider in my heart prompted me to start writing.

The writing process that follows me is that images, scenes, and voices in my head don’t give me peace until I put them on paper.

If I could choose one author to write a book about my life it would be Gurgani, an Iranian poet from about a thousand years ago.

In a perfect world, of which I am the ruler of all, a writer’s life would be safe, secure, and respected.

Ten years from now, I want to have published the three projects I am working on and teach creative writing courses.