This Is Dedicated to You


If this be the black swirling mass of clouds that form my raw unarticulated thoughts that are in its purest form of honesty

Or the emptying of my rhythmic heart’s content in a gushing flow of scarlet like a shower of rose petals on the path I wish you would walk upon

The unification of my thoughts, my words, and my deeds in this delivery I would consider as an expression of—dare I say this word in today’s society—love . . . 

But where can I begin to describe such an emotion that captures everything that makes my mind flutter away like a butterfly in a clear blue sky

Your eyes ablaze with a powerful fire, pierces through me like a needle injecting a cure to rid of the horrid shadows of the past that restrict me from being myself . . . and I let it all go, in a long exhale like the last breath before embracing death

It’s not a new beginning—it’s the reconstruction of the puzzle pieces of my soul, fitting in a never-thought of manner, to form a new vivid image, a new refreshing perspective on this struggle we call life

And when I look upon the road through which we walked hand-in-hand, your soul guiding mine, seemingly towards a golden sunset—it is the setting of a closed chapter in the book of life, and now I know why I see love in evolution when I look at what I left

With these words that turn the corners of my mouth upwards, the beating of my heart into a frenzy, my collapsing mind into a calm, peaceful state to words that slap me when I step into the deceiving thorns on the side of the road, cut me as I let my blood boil over a trivial matter, and push me into the unknown where I must fear fear itself

This is why I am Lyrically Opening Volumes of Emotion that Lead Often to Victories ofExcitement while Linking Opposing Vastness for Elation

Because, who really knows, opposites do attract, stick to each other’s side just like the North and South poles of a magnet, creating a field where we control our own world and we achieve our own dreams

You may not understand me at all, as you may see yourself just like I see myself, but you are one-of-a-kind, making you kind of the one for me

But I know that “if it be now, ‘tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now” so here I stand, saying again and again “This Is Dedicated to You,” so I can finally, with my full devotion and racing heart, utter these three words—I love you.