The Tragic Square Dance


Helium rainbows, romantic drums, 
Buzz Lightyear going boldly to Sesame Street,
Garage bands, trees, pink choo-choo-trains,
Elton John fiddles a tea party of spring.
But, alas, this vision falters.
Teachers! Calling reprimands.
Clapping beavers,
Forcing constant repetitive skills.
These random words, awkward turtles,
In a flash are sent to
West Mabou.
But hark!
This injustice is over!
Students prove the teachers wrong by calling
Fight the power!
Ireland, Scotland, Canada—
The drums!
A screaming sentinel shrouds his comrades,
A shifty servant of espionage.
First brother horse sees the message:
A round of simpletons approach.
But this convoy is a mere distraction.
Pianos, as Beethoven, filling outer space!
The keys are fired and in a flash,
An orchestra of lasers signifying pain.
The rebels fire their sugar cubes;
Gymnastics of the underworld, fragmented with pins.
As this tragic square dance begins, 
The world of children is banished forever.