The Truth Will Set You Free

A light over them hills I see,
The hills of ash where they’ll bury me.
In these hills I will forever be,
And let the truth set you free.

A bleeding man dies in the dust,
A dead woman leaves footprints of rust,
Soulless children play in the streets,
While the murders of crows arrive in fleets.

The blind scour and feed on our tongues,
As the smoke fills and builds in our filthy lungs,
Unaware they drop with disease,
Their bodies sprouting into trees.

I look at a tree and I see no lie,
I see the truth before my eye,
Let them bury a tree over me,
So that the truth may set me free.

I walk the way with the dead,
I hear their voices in my head,
Thinking of what they wanted to be,
Before they cast their dreams down into the sea.

In the sea the dreams would drown,
As life goes on within the town,
Of this I hope I will never be,
I will let the truth set me free.

The day would come that brings the rain,
The bullets hit end my pain,
Bleeding like ink over the floor,
I only wish I could have done more.

Blackness seeps into the white,
Life is a never ending fight,
A struggle that I’ll never win,
Was I all I should have been?

No time to wonder as the moments passed,
Nothing ever really lasts,
I open my eyes and take one last breath,
As my life transforms into death.

As the light left my eyes,
The killers crowded my corpse like flies,
And I could not believe what I had seen,
For was something that should have never been.

For my closest friend had stuck me down,
Right in the middle of this god forsaken town,
And all the people stopped to stare,
But none seemed to really care.

The crows in the distance called for me,
The time had come for the truth to set me free.
I awoke in the hills alone and cold,
Dumped off behind this dusty old road.

I awoke to my body beside me,
And so it seems I had been set free,
Free of the prison in which I was kept,
Free of the prison in which I had wept.

And now I was free to fly with the crows,
To feed on the dead bodies of those so wounded,
The people who are blind and wander the way,
I pray they have enough to pay.

So listen to me when I say,
Do not even waste a day,
Look at the world with open eyes as can be,
And let the truth set you free.