Understanding The Craft

I’ve been working on this novel for over five years in what has largely been a solitary pursuit so to have the opportunity to work one-on-one with my mentor, Melanie, is a very welcome development! I am certain that Melanie’s expertise and the support of Diaspora Dialogues will have a tremendous benefit on my understanding of both the craft and business of writing. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity.

If I could choose one author to write a book about my life, I would choose Emma Donoghue. As a fellow Irish-Canadian writer, I think she would be the perfect fit and because she’s such a great storyteller, she’d be able to make my life story sound much more interesting than it really is! If I ran the world, writers’ lives would look very different.

In my experience, most writers want only two things: more time to write, more money to pay the bills. For that reason, I would implement a universal basic income and heavily subsidize childcare.

Ten years from now, my dream is to have published a handful of novels and to see one of my screenplays on the big screen.