Andy Ruffett has been writing since he learned how to pick up a writing utensil. He currently lives in Toronto, ON and is pursuing a career in creative writing and English at York University. He has written several novels, countless short stories, essays, blog posts, and poems and is trying to have his first book published, The Wrongdoer. Andy has been published in various writing media such as his high school Northern Secondary School's newspaper: The Epigram and York's McLaughlin Campus magazine: MacMedia. He also runs various blogs such as The Ruffetting Post on Tumblr, Writing the Ruffett on Tumblr, and The Ruffett Chapters on Facebook notes. Besides writing, Andy likes to teach the craft of writing to his fellow readers as he believes that everyone can be a writer if they just write. When Andy isn't typing or writing, he is doing something of that degree. There's always a story in this 21-year-old's head and there'll probably be incomplete stories when he dies.