Anya Douglas was born Anna Moussienko. Originally from Riga, Latvia, she immigrated to Toronto in 1996. Anya has two degrees from York University, and is a languages teacher. She is also a musician and a vocalist. Anya was an editor for existere in 2004 and 2005. She is also involved in translation, concentrating on select 20th century Russian poets. Anya was selected to participate in Diaspora Dialogues Mentorship program with Michael Redhill as her mentor. Her work featured in such journals as Reluctant Hero, CV2, and Misunderstandings magazine. She was also published in three Russian cultural magazines/newspapers in Toronto. Anya’s first chapbook was published by The Emergency Response Unit in 2008. Her feature readings include Plasticine Poetry and the Art Bar reading series. She is currently working on translation and adaptation of Yevgeny Zamyatin’s novel ‘We’ into graphic novel format, with Nick Marinkovich, one of the creators of ‘Kenk’ (‘the world’s most prolific bicycle thief’). Anya’s first full-length poetry collection Absences has recently been completed.